Our Ranch

At Malheur River Meats, we produce all the meat and eggs we market. When we hand you a package, or our label catches your eye in the store, you know that we’re sharing food we raised on our ranch. We believe that delicious, healthy meat starts with happy, healthy animals. We keep our animals in top form by giving them nutritious, natural feeds and allowing them to express their natural behaviors and instincts. Our animals graze, browse, root, mud bathe, scratch, and peck in our pastures.

Grass fed beef Our grass fed, humanely raised Black Angus cattle produce well-marbled, great tasting beef. Grazing our pastures, cattle convert the solar energy in grass into rich flavorful meat. During harsh winters, we may also feed hay to meet our cattle’s nutritional needs and keep them fit. We start with healthy Black Angus calves born on the high country ranch of our partners and friends, Mike and Linda Bentz. Yearlings move east to our ranch, where they mature under Rob’s watchful eye. He knows each animal individually and recognizes when each will make the best beef. After processing, all our beef is dry aged 14 days for greatest flavor and tenderness.

Pasture raised pork Our heritage Duroc and Berkshire hogs are raised outdoors, the old fashion way. These breeds produce flavorful, well marbled pork when living in the fresh air and sunshine. All our hogs are born right on our ranch. Each sow gives birth on a nest of straw in her own birthing hut in our pasture. After weaning, we supplement our hogs’ natural rooting and grazing with a grain and legume supplement that we mix ourselves. Buying the ingredients from growers and mixing our own supplement gives us control over everything our animals eat.

Pasture raised heritage turkeys Our heritage turkey breeds date back to Colonial America. Breeds such as Bourbon Red, Bronze, and Narragansett take twice as long to mature as factory birds, but are worth the wait. These sturdy birds build strong frames before they develop the densely textured, full flavored meat that makes them a memorable holiday meal. Our turkeys spend their days outside exercising and eating their natural diet of insects, worms, and grass. We supplement their diet with our own legume and grain mixture. Because we have only a limited number of birds each year, reserve yours early to start a new family tradition.

Grass fed, pasture raised goats The sweet flavor of goat meat makes it the most widely eaten red meat in the world. We raise Boer goats, which are known for their high quality meat. Goats are an ideal complement to our cattle, as goats prefer the broad-leaved flowering plants that cattle pass up for the grass they prefer. Our mother goats give birth during a busy spring kidding season. The mothers and kids are soon grazing and browsing our pastures. We supplement their winter pasture with hay to keep them healthy.

Free range pasture raised eggs Our multicolored flock of Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, and Ameraucana chickens lay a rainbow of eggs: tan, green, brown, and white. Inside, the eggs all have deep yellow yolks from the hens’ rich, healthy outdoor diet. In addition to the plants and insects they find themselves, our chickens also get a grain and legume supplement we mix ourselves.