We produce and sell grass-fed beef, pasture raised pork, free range eggs and chicken, grass-fed goats, and pasture raised heritage turkeys. We provide all natural meat with a story.

Our Promise We promise that the food you purchase from Malheur River Meats is Healthy 100% Grass Fed / Pasture Raised All Natural meat and eggs.

  • Animals are raised and handled with compassion and respect using humane welfare practices. They are never confined.
  • Animals are raised without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or animal by-products.
  • Animals are born and raised on our family ranches in Eastern Oregon.
  • Meat is processed and inspected in a local USDA approved facility.
  • Meat is minimally processed and products do not contain any artificial ingredients
  • Products are handled using safe handling practices to protect you and your family.

Rob and Michelle Stokes